Welcome to the Aln Angling Association

Welcome to the Aln Angling Association

Covid-19 Update   Please only fish local  Stay safe

There are structural inspections planned at Lesbury road bridge on the 10/11/12 May 2021. Access to the river at this point will not be possible on these days.



Fishing will restart on The River ALN Association waters Monday 1 February 2021.    Permits can be purchased via the Application Form available on our website… any questions contact club Secretary Gary Pentleton 07832245550.

Please read the following Covid-19 warnings before fishing any Areas on the River ALN.

You will be aware the government have allowed fishing to recommence from Wednesday 13 May 2020 .
As Covid-19 is still on the increase in our area and killing people before you decide whether you want to fish we ask you to consider what impact Covid-19 will have on you and your family if contracted while out on the river.
The Association’s main concern is that you and your family stay safe and that you take the correct actions and decisions to stay safe.  If you make the decision to fish on Association waters from Wednesday this has to be at your own risk.

We have compiled the following risk assessment which you must follow when fishing Association waters.
The Risk Assessment has been written for your own safety and the safety and consideration of others, you must follow all the measures detailed on the risk assessment and in particularly Do not leave home if you had symptoms of Covid-19 and follow government advice on isolation.
Permit holders with existing underlying health issues and the elderly ( over 70 ), pregnant women and those with weak immune systems who are more susceptible to serious ill health or potential fatality should they contract the Coronavirus should follow government guidelines at all times.

Do not share fishing tackle or other items.
Do not leave home without any hand sanitizer or disposable gloves.
You must clean your hands before leaving home if you stop anywhere and when you return to your car.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands.
You should only travel in your car to your local fishing venue on your own or with members of your household.
You must abide by current guidelines on social distancing.
You must maintain a distance of 15 meters from other anglers when fishing.
You must check the Association website once a day for any further notices or changes.
You should look to fish where there are no fences gates to open or styles.  If you come across a fence you must use disposable gloves to pass through and preferably use hand sanitizer.

As long as the Association Trustees remain assured all permit holders will abide by all guidelines and their Risk Assessment controls at all times, they will allow angling on the Association waters from Wednesday.
All River ALN Association rules remain in place.  We also advise all anglers to check and comply on the government’s Covid-19 website together with the angling trust.

About Us

The River Aln rises in the Cheviot hills running east to the North Sea at Alnmouth. The Association water commences at Denwick Bridge half a mile East of Alnwick and ends at the Duchess’s bridge at Alnmouth.

The fishing season runs from 1st February 1st to 31st October.
Both banks may be fished, and wading is allowed.

The Association water is approximately four and a half miles in length.
There is a short exclusion zone which runs from Lesbury old road bridge down to Lesbury footbridge between which no access or fishing is allowed.
The river is fly fishing only, for the majority of the water and there are some fine streamy pools particularly in the Hawkhill bridge area.
There is a restriction on rod length of 10 ½, foot and no full sinking fly lines are allowed.  Sink tip lines are permissible provided the sinking tip does not exceed 10 feet in length.

Below the footbridge at Lesbury the river is tidal and spinning and worm fishing are both allowed.  Worm fishing for Brown Trout may not commence until after 1st June.  No prawn or shrimp fishing is allowed.

The tidal stretch is where the majority of Sea Trout and Salmon are caught mainly to spinners.  Full rules and regulations are displayed on the reverse of the permit.

Following advice from the Rivers Trust a decision was made to stop stocking the river with triploid Brown Trout as it is considered detrimental to native stock.  (A noticeable decline in Sea Trout was seen when triploid fish were being stocked).
The river was last stocked in 2015.

The river has recently been classified by the Environment Agency as a Recovering River and therefore ALL Salmon caught MUST be returned unharmed to the water.

Following changes to the North East netting, migratory fish will now have an easier passage into the river, and it is hoped that there will be a significant improvement to fish stock particularly in the autumn.

Prices 2021

Annual Salmon – includes Sea and Brown Trout  –  £80  (Concessionary £50)

Annual Brown Trout  –  £50  (Concessionary £30)

Monthly  – includes Sea and Brown Trout  –  £45  (Concessionary £30)

Weekly  – includes Sea and Brown Trout  –  £40  (Concessionary £20)

Daily  – includes Sea and Brown Trout  –  £20

Daily  Junior  (Juniors 16 Years and under)  –  Brown Trout only  –  £5

Under 12’s may fish the river for free as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

A current national rod licence is required.

Permits may be purchased from:
Country Store, Hardy’s, Willowburn Estate, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 2PF
01665 602771 (option 5)

Permits can also be obtained by post from the association secretary:
Mr G Pentleton, 66 Fairfields, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1BT
01665 604835

To apply by post, please download and return application form.


1.  From Alnwick turn down at the war memorial and just before Denwick Bridge there is a lay-by with ample parking.

2.  From Alnwick take the Denwick road. Just before the bridge turn right. Park at the cycle track car park and walk the lane down under the fly-over which will take you to the river. This is Peters Mill Bridge.

3.  Continue Further along Alnmouth Road and you will come to Hawkhill Bridge.  There is parking in the lay-by on the left, just up the hill.

4.  At Lesbury there are various parking areas near the roundabout.

5.  In Lesbury village there is a car park just past the Post Office.  Park here then walk down the lane and fish below the footbridge.  This is a tidal stretch.

6.  At Hipsburn turn at the roundabout, up the hill past the Railway Station look for a sign on the right to Greenrigg and Bilton Farm.  Turn here and follow the road down to the river where there is parking for 2 cars.

Contact Us

Please use the contact form below if you have any queries